Conventional Wisdom Says Never Sacrifice Accuracy For Speed

However, at rpmAUM, we deliver thoughtfully executed plans to drive swift and smart growth. We accomplish this by deploying our unique process that starts with a deep dive into your company all the way through implementation.

Leverage our years of strategic thinking and experience to help emerging asset management firms to:

Differentiate Your Market Position

Clarify your mission, differentiate your firm from competitors and makes a compelling case to your prospective audiences

Refine Your Offerings

Perform a custom review of product deliverables and requirements for distribution to ensure your relevance to audience needs at every level of distribution

Expand Your Distribution

Integrate your sales and marketing efforts to create the most efficient drive into your desired markets

Open Doors to Strategic Partnerships

Seeking new ways and option to achieve the path to profitable growth

Disciplined Process

Knowledge, Expertise and Insights


We ensure clients’ products are relevant to audience needs at every level.


We develop tailored messaging that resonates and motivates prospects to act.


We provide clients council on holistic distribution inclusive of sales, marketing and client service.

Target Operating Model

We help clients engineer an operating model that aligns with firm’s business strategy.

Strategic Partnerships

We introduce clients to parties best suited to build businesses – together.

Lifecycle Management

Are you thriving or simply surviving?

Experienced Team

Focused on Custom Solutions

RUSSELL M. PARKER, CIMA® - Founder and CEO – LinkedIn

For three decades, Russell has helped some of the biggest names in financial services build market presence, grow distribution, and drive profitable results. Having strong executive management experience taught him to plan like a CEO, be creative like CMO, and watch the bottom line like a CFO. With a foundation in consumer package goods sales and marketing, Russell has an advantage in getting investment products on the shelf and within an arm's reach of desire.

ANDREA TRACHTENBERG – Managing Director – LinkedIn

Andrea has 30 years of experience working in the financial services arena for companies of all sizes including introduction, development, growth, and maturity stage firms. As a business-savvy professional, she has a reputation as a marketing trailblazer. Andrea consistently demonstrates a remarkable knack for finding the cutting edge, particularly in challenging situations. An experienced CMO, she has broken ground with visionary ideas, collaborative spirit, and adroit orchestration.

FRANK GREGORY, J.D., CIMA® – Managing Director – LinkedIn

Frank has over 25 years of experience counseling small and large businesses to help them streamline and focus their operations, increase market share and revenue, and develop strategic and tactical plans that are cutting edge and compliant. Whether helping asset management firms of all sizes structure nimble and impactful distribution systems or using his legal background to assist clients and boards in understanding current regulations and navigating their fiduciary duties, Frank cuts through the noise to provide clarity of direction.

KEVIN ROWELL - Managing Director – LinkedIn

Kevin is an experienced business executive, having served as Mutual Fund Company President and President of Distribution for several firms and as a member of many executive committee boards. He has worked closely with the Fund Trustees and Independent Directors of several asset management firms. He has a consistent record of success at firms ranging from large asset managers to boutique firms and has been deeply involved with the M & A process during those firms’ strategic transactions. A key focus has been in the Distribution Company and leading sub advisory growth for each firm.

PATRICK MUIR – Assistant Vice President – LinkedIn

Patrick has been a member of the rpmAUM team for 3+ years, assisting with the value creation process for the firm’s clients. His project experience includes new business launches, operating model restructuring, distribution and go-to-market preparedness, rebranding, and back office technology integration.


A computational data scientist in his third year at Salisbury University, Taylor has been working with rpmAUM since 2018, assisting with compiling, designing, and producing several consulting projects. Outside of rpmAUM, Taylor has worked at a digital automation services company, Node.Digital where he has participated in the development of AI chat bots and prototyping FDA applications.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Russell M. Parker CIMA® directly at (571) 309-8584 or at [email protected].

"Mutual funds are the commodity... Distribution is the scarcity"

Paul Stevens President/CEO, Investment Company Institute to the Small Funds Committee meeting